Stay Green At Home

Follow the steps for a positive environmental outcome in only 21 days! Each package consists of a 3-week program where you find detailed information on how to implement solutions to reduce your (or your household’s) environmental footprint. 


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The solutions bring you the following results:

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Reduced Waste Generation

Reduced Chemical Pollution

Improved Consumption Patterns



Worried about how to do it? No problem! The steps are simple, thoroughly explained, and there is also a description of how your financials will not suffer.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there, and uncertain of what is the best to do? Here’s your answer: start small and build up each week, with a new step every 7 days. 

If you choose to go for the whole package, will have adopted TWELVE new sustainable habits that will make a big difference for you and for the Planet. 

TIP: Download them all to check your options. By mixing the topics and steps according to what best suits you, it becomes your own customized package. Get creative and find your shade of green!

Click on the items for a description of each topic’s environmental goals. Have fun and feel the power of your choices!

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